Concierge: Reading the Bible and Good Books Edition


In this edition of Concierge, allow me to direct you to five recent articles that relate to reading your Bible and good books. We live in a visual world in which most of us have become conditioned to watch something on a screen. 

The advantage of reading is that the mind must engage the words on a page. Giving thought to the Scriptures and to stories and ideas, allows words to filter down deeply within our hearts and souls. 

Five Exhortations for Enduring to the End

Five Exhortations
for Enduring
to the End

In the opening section of his Olivet Discourse, Jesus gave four of his disciples insight regarding the beginning of the end times. This account is given to us in Mark 13:1-13. I am not here going to go into the details of all that Jesus foretold. Instead I want us to focus on the five exhortations that he gave to his disciples in these 13 verses. 

While we are to learn the signs of the beginning of the end, we often focus on speculating the details of these signs. In the process we often miss the exhortations or instructions from Jesus as to how we are to live as we see the day approaching.

Personalizing Biblical Prayer Requests

Personalizing Biblical Prayer Requests

I don’t know about you, but I can easily lose steam in my prayer life by praying what I am calling generic prayers. Like a man I once knew, I can pray for just about everybody in just a few seconds. “Lord, be with the sick and the afflicted and be with the missionaries overseas.” This is a valid prayer, but perhaps it needs personalizing and rooting in the Scriptures.

Recently my prayers have taken on new zeal by focusing on two key improvements. Perhaps you already do these two things. If so, I’m glad. If not, I hope this article will be an encouragement to you.

Act Like Men: Masculinity in a Gender Confused World

It does not take keen observation skills to tell that the male population struggles with what it means to act like men. In his final words of his first letter to the Corinthian church, the Apostle Paul provided a few short words of instruction. Among these short statements, we find this,

Act like men.
–1 Corinthians 16:13

One way to get at the meaning of this is by use of contrasting statements. If we can determine what Paul is not saying, we will better able to understand what he is saying. We will examine four contrasting statements and then we will look at the other short statements that surround this word of instruction to the Corinthians.