The Village Church of Flower Mound, Texas

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Notice the Purpose Statement on the screen prior to the worship service.

The Village Church was our fifth and final church on our tour of notable Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) churches since our move to the area. 

The previous churches in our tour have been:

A Notable DFW Church

The Village Church is notable because of its vast outreach in the area. It is a multi-site campus church (although it has started the process of spinning off various campuses into fully autonomous congregations). 

It is also notable because of the influence of lead pastor Matt Chandler. Chandler is a gifted preacher of the Word who also heads the Acts 29 network of churches. I have been enriched by his preaching during the past decade.

Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship of Dallas, Texas

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A brief chat with Tony Evans

A few weeks ago Suzie and I attended Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship (OCBF) in Dallas, Texas. This was our fourth destination on our way to visiting five notable churches in the Dallas-Ft. Worth (DFW) area.

Previous posts of DFW churches include:

A Notable DFW Church

Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship began in 1976 as a Bible study led by Tony Evans. Evans has remained the pastor for more than 40 years. The church is a vibrant community of believers who have had tremendous impact on the city of Dallas. 

Stonebriar Community Church of Frisco, Texas

Stonebriar Community Church with Charles Swindoll

Recently we attended Stonebriar Community Church in Frisco, Texas. Since we relocated to the Dallas-Ft. Worth (DFW) Metroplex in Texas, we have been attending some notable churches. Stonebriar is the third such church we have attended. The first two were First Baptist Church of Dallas and Prestonwood Baptist Church of Plano

A Notable DFW Church

Stonebriar Community Church is notable because of the pastor, Charles (Chuck) Swindoll. I began listening to Swindoll on the radio in the 1980’s if not earlier. His radio broadcast Insight for Living has been a source of Bible teaching to countless folks over the decades. He has been the pastor of Stonebriar for the past twenty years.

Prestonwood Baptist Church of Plano, Texas

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Since my wife and I moved from South Florida to the Dallas-Ft. Worth area of Texas, we have taken a few weeks to attend some of the notable churches in the area. The first week we attended First Baptist Church of Dallas. Recently we joined in with the saints of Prestonwood Baptist Church in North Dallas.

A Notable DFW Church

Prestonwood is notable due to the church’s size and the pastor Jack Graham. I first heard Graham preach at the Pastor’s Conference of the Southern Baptist Convention several decades ago. Before moving to Prestonwood, Graham was the pastor of the First Baptist Church in West Palm Beach. That is a church with which we are very familiar. Years ago we were members of the church (after Graham’s tenure) for a short time. In fact, my wife Suzie was baptized into the church.

First Baptist Church of Dallas, Texas

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A Notable DFW Church

A few weeks ago, my wife and I uprooted ourselves from our home and church in Boynton Beach, Florida. We moved to be near my parents in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area of Texas. We are taking a few weeks to visit some of the notable churches in the Metroplex as a means of worshipping with other saints and observing these churches in action. 

Our first stop was to the First Baptist Church of Dallas on September 30, 2018. What makes this church notable is their history in the life of American Christianity and the Southern Baptist Convention. Two monumental figures – George Truett and W.A. Criswell – preached from this church’s pulpit for decades.