Thoughts and Prayers

Crying Out to God in the Midst of Tragedy

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With each new tragedy in our culture, a divide increases between people who respond by praying and those who respond by seeking a remedy in the spheres of politics, psychology, and business. On the one hand some will cry out to God for his intervention into our warped world. On the other hand some will demand changes in law, an improved mental health strategy, and regulations for businesses connected to the tragedy.

Except a man be born again, he will wish one day he had never been born at all.

J.C. Ryle

Concierge: Bible & Theology Edition

5 Articles for the Christian Journey

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During my days of hotel work, I often served as a concierge. Guests would ask for recommendations to local points of interest. These points might be things to do, attractions to see, or places to eat.

Concierge is a feature that points to destinations online. Here are some of my favorite places found recently. Click on the title of the individual articles to read in full.

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PrayerMate: Christian Prayer List App

I began using PrayerMate recently. To say that I am an avid fan would be an understatement. It is a tool that I use everyday to help me with the ministry of intercessory prayer. If you have a smart phone or tablet, you really should get this. Don’t consider it optional.

PrayerMate is an app that I use on my iPhone and iPad. The information automatically syncs between the two. As the name indicates it is an app with the purpose of getting users to pray and pray with laser focus. A great selling point is that it is free. That’s right – free.

As a mother is tenderest to the most diseased and weakest child, so does Christ most mercifully incline to the weakest.

Richard Sibbes
The Bruised Reed (Chios Classics. Kindle Edition., 2015), 5